• GUEST SPEAKER: dale beaver


The Men’s Summit is for YOU!  It is a weekend built for guys to unplug from their daily responsibilities in order to connect with God and other men.  When you take the time to do this you will find that God really does show up!

Join us for the weekend at Highland Lakes Camp & Conference Center.

"'This is not one more thing to “do.” This is a time to “be.” To be with other men. To be encouraged and refreshed. To be blessed. I hope you will join other men and come to our 2018 Men’s Summit. I promise you an opportunity to find “more.'" - PASTOR HANEY


What are the expressions of genuine character according to God’s design, and when will we know that we have them?

Dying to Live: Romans 12:1-2
To recognize who we are by God’s design, first of all, takes an awareness that we hold a fake ID to begin with. The first step in realizing our identity in Christ is to understand that we belong to Him and no one else.

What’s On Your Mind: Romans 12:2
After we come to terms with what it takes to even begin to know who we are, we follow that up with an exercise for transformation. Our identity is shaped by what are told about ourselves by others as well as ourselves.

The Great REveAL  Romans 12:3-8
In light of who God has made you to be, with a personality and skill set, how does the real you jive with who you want to be, and the you everyone else hopes you are.  The real will be revealed.

Love God. Love People.  Romans 12:9-10
If we are to be identified as followers of Jesus by the way we love in this world , it is necessary for us to be about doing it. To love is not only the supreme command given to us by God, but it is essential to our purpose for being made in His image.