Global missions and outreach

Through global missions and outreach programs and partners, you’re working in and around the world to make the lives of the less-fortunate better.

From Mexico, to El Salvador, to Myanmar and beyond — God is using Riverbenders like you to make the lives of our global neighbors better.

Find the global opportunity that’s right for you

El Salvador

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CARING across Borders

Through Siloe Church & School in Soyapango, we’re caring for people in some of the toughest areas of El Salvador.

Siloe provides an education, one hot meal per day and after school care. Because the neighborhood it serves is a relatively poor area where there is little financial support for the school and church, we are committed to assisting Siloe in becoming self-sustaining spiritually, economically and socially.

In the last year, Riverbenders like you:

  • Sent 80 volunteers on seven trips

  • Supported students — 21 college, 13 high school, and dozens younger

  • Engaged in community development, health care, and missional ministries

Are you ready to explore El Salvador?

Here are some of our serving opportunities:

  • Mixed Adults: MAY 4–11, 2019

  • Men’s Trip: JUN 19–23, 2019

  • Medical/Dental: JUN 29–JUL 6, 2019

  • Women’s Trip: SEP 27–OCT 5, 2019

  • Fund scholarships for promising Salvadoran high school and/or university students and encourage them throughout the year

  • Provide general financial and/or prayer support in one or more of three primary areas of ministry for Iglesia Bautista de Siloe (Church, School, Missionaries)

For information on our upcoming trips contact Sam Vaugh >

Sponsor a high school / college student > | Sponsor a child K-9th grade >


Medical Missions


CARING across Borders

Through our annual Medical Missions team trips, we’re helping to provide medical to the impoverished in El Salvador.

Over a period of a week each year, the Riverbend team sees about 1000 patients and provides acute medical care (ear infections, rashes, asthma), chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension), dental care (extractions, fillings, cleanings) along with prescription and over-the- counter medication.

In the last year, Riverbenders like you:

  • Sent 21 team members to five clinics » Cared for over 1000 patients

  • Filled over 2000 prescriptions

Are you ready to serve on a Medical Missions trip?

Here are some of our serving opportunities:

  • Women’s Mexico Trip (medical exploratory): MAY 9–11, 2019

  • El Salvador Medical Trip: JUN 29–JUL 6, 2019

  • Sports physicals at Riverbend’s NDCs: AUG 2019

For information on our upcoming trips contact Kelly Jolet >




CARING across Borders

Through our ministry in Piedras Negras, Mexico, we’re providing an easy way for everyone to have a cross-cultural experience.

We partner with a ministry in Piedras Negras called Hands & Feet ministry. Hands & Feet also runs an elementary school, and partners with a home that cares for special-needs adults and children. On these trips everyone from children to adults are welcome. This is a great experience for you if you have never been on a mission trip.

In the last year, Riverbenders like you:

  • Embarked on our first ever family trip — where Riverbend families (including young children) were able to go and serve

Are you ready to experience a new culture and explore Mexico — we have 2019 trips planned for men, women, and even families!

Here are some of our serving opportunities:

  • Men’s Trip: APR 26–28, 2019

  • Women’s Trip: MAY 9–11, 2019

  • Student Trip: JUN 18–23, 2019

  • Women’s Trip: JAN 17–19, 2020

For information on our upcoming trips contact Krista Ross >


Remember Nhu

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Through Remember Nhu, we’re working to prevent human sex trafficking in southeast Asia through “Prevention Homes.”

The Remember Nhu organization currently has 97 prevention houses operating in 27 different countries, primarily in southeast Asia, but also in some African and South American countries. We want to support a house that might take in as many as 12-20 children at a time, and help change their lives forever.

In the last year, Riverbenders like you:

  • Went on our first trip to southeast Asia to discover how we can be a part of supporting a new “Prevention House” to protect kids from being sold into sex slavery

Are you ready to help us put an end to child sex trafficking in Southeast Asia?

Here are some of our serving opportunities:

  • Communicating with and praying for children and house parents of Riverbend sponsored homes

  • Ask for more info about our next trip in spring of 2020

For information on our upcoming trips contact McAlister Southern >


South America and the Dominican Republic

South America.jpg


In 2019, we’re sending missionaries on a number of exploratory trips to South America and the Dominican Republic to explore new missions and outreach opportunities for Riverbenders like you to further the impact you’re making in the world.

In Ecuador, Chile, and Peru, we will be working with a ministry called Iberoamercan Ministries, creating sustainable ministries that focus around things like clean water and education.

At the end of February we sent four Riverbenders to the Dominican Republic for a four-day exploratory trip. We’re hoping for the opportunity to do long weekend trips for people and families looking for that type of experience.

We are excited to see what God will have for us in these countries and what relationships might evolve, and whether or not there is a particular community we might want to consider developing a relationship with.

Are you interested in going on our South America trip?

For information on our upcoming trip contact Krista Ross >


Israel / Holy Land


Walking where Jesus walked

There’s nothing quite like a trip to the Holy Land — the opportunity to visit locations in the Bible where Jesus actually walked can be a powerful experience. This trip is a chance for you to come tour the holy land, and experience the historical context and setting of the Bible and of Jesus life and ministry.

This trip is open to anyone over 18, and is a great experience whether you have no experience with missions trips, or if you have lots.

Are you interested in going on our next Israel/Holy Land trip?

For information on our upcoming trip contact Krista Ross >


Moscow, Russia



Riverbenders Cameron and Jenna Stingley live in Moscow, Russia and serve in a ministry among college students. The dream and the goal is to start movements of college students who will take the love of Christ back to their home communities and towns.

Cameron and Jenna have committed the next 5 years of their lives to dwell in Moscow and share their lives with this wonderful culture that desperately needs the hope of Christ, and the grace he offers.

Are you interested in learning about full-time mission work?

For more information contact Krista Ross >

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