"If art is good art, if it is true art, if it is beautiful art, then it is bearing witness to the Author of the good, the true, and the beautiful.” - R.C. Sproul

Welcome to our creative world!

Riverbend: Blessed to be a Blessing, and Different on Purpose. Those missional statements are no better supported than through showcasing our Creative Arts ministries.

What we are about

Riverbend: Embracing Austin, and the heart of Austin's artistic scene. We are passionate about the arts – identifying art as a reflection of the Creator.  As beings created in God's image, we also reflect Him in our creativity.  Austin is a city that embraces the arts and its artists. At Riverbend Church, our support of the arts is intended to lovingly affirm and support the individual heart of the artist, as well as the Austin artistic community at large. Riverbend is blessed to showcase, be involved in, and encourage the works and development of multiple disciplines and variety of Austin artists. Featuring professional musicians, visual artists of every medium and a state of the art performance venue, RB strives to honor and glorify our Creator to draw His Creation, His people, to Him.


Connect With Us

Creative Arts Pastor:
Kevin Hedges >


Carlton joined the Riverbend Church staff in 1989. He spent many years in music ministry serving churches in Texas and New Mexico. He is known for his contagious enthusiasm and creative use of various styles of music in the contemporary church. Besides being a gifted vocalist and worship leader, Carlton is a conductor, arranger, and record producer. He and his wife, Sharon, have four children and four grandchildren. Sharon also serves on staff as Manager of Riverbend Centre for the Arts. Carlton's other passions include home theater design and installation, and their two dogs, Maggie and Zoe.

Current Projects >

Casey McPherson – Resonate Worship Director

Casey McPherson is a songwriter and worship leader for Riverbend Church. In addition, he performs solo, and fronts the bands Alpha Rev and Flying Colors which tour nationally and internationally. Casey is not only a songwriter but enjoys scoring films as well. His most recent score was for the comedy called "Divine Access." One of his passions is teaching young musicians and songwriters how sustain themselves on creative content driven income. Casey also runs and produces music at a recording studio in Austin, Tx called "The Ice Cream Factory" where he records most of his music and where he produces other artists. Look for his music on Itunes, and his shows and whereabouts on the links below! 


Riverbend Musicians

Under the direction of our Music and Worship leaders Carlton and Casey, Riverbend is flooded with incredible Austin-based talent each and every Sunday for our three Worship services. Few churches in the world can boast of such gifted and refined musicians as what God has blessed Riverbend – and Austin at-large – with. We are not only thankful for their dedication to Riverbend, we are also excited to share them with our congregation each and every week. We encourage our congregation to support Riverbend’s local musicians and artists by attending shows and concerts, as well as purchasing original recordings and other offerings.

Inspiration Gallery 

Created as a showcase for local artists that needed a place to display their works, Riverbend established the Inspiration Gallery and has hosted a bevy of artists, from the well-established, like Mark Kohler, to the bleeding edge art of Austinite Bill Stidham, and including the emerging art of some of the most talented graduates of the University of Texas' art programs. Always open on Sundays and open to art of nearly every medium, the Inspiration Gallery is located on Riverbend Campus. For information about a showcase, call
512 327-3540

Featured Musician


Wayne Salzmann II

Drummer - Educator, University of Texas at Austin

Riverbend is proud to have Wayne Salzmann as part of our Celebration worship services. Wayne's discography and touring bio is a who's who of Austin and national greats - playing on Eric Johnson’s last 4 records, and touring full-time with Bob Schneider! He's also the author of "Developing Melodic Language on the Drums" - his new book about to be published and he's just finishing his 8th year on the Jazz Faculty at UT. 

On Playing at Riverbend, Wayne says:

“I’m honored to be a part of the worship team at Riverbend Church. The musicians are world-class, and the facilities and staff are second to none. We play a wide variety of music, which keeps it fresh and challenging, but also  gives us the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life.”


Riverbend Writers

This group meets regularly and is dedicated to all things written – including blogging, vlogging, fiction/non-fiction (in flash, short and long forms), poetry, spiritual messaging, social media, screenplays and emerging platforms. We are comprised of professionals, and semi-professionals, advocates, editors, wordsmiths, voracious literary consumers, and just plain creative junkies. Our collective WordPress blog can be found at: Blog >

For more information about our efforts, works and gatherings, contact: Krista Ross >

Featured Artists

A new exhibit was installed September 24th at the Riverbend Inspirational Gallery.  This show is featuring photography and art glass designs.  The show dates are September 30th thu October 28th.  This show will include professional photographers and glass artists.  You are invited to visit the gallery each Sunday from 9:30 to 12:30 each Sunday.  Private showings by contacting Sharon Bibbee at 512 465 2200. 

 The following artists will be displaying in this show:

  • Sharon Bibbee – Artist and jewelry designer

  • Cheryl Callen – Photographer

  • Jared Dunten – Painter with art prints

  • Griffin Arts – One of a kind glass designs

  • Carol Hayman – Photographer

  • Cheryl Latimer – Glass artists, painter and sculpturer

  • Jay Levey – Resin and glass artist

  • Kathy Kelsheimer – Photographer, glass artist and painter

  • Krista Ross – Photographer

  • John Phelps – Photographer

  • Linday Sheppared – Photographer

  • Hal Weiner – Photographer

  • Carol Sue Witt – Artist and teaches Watercolor Workshops

This show will be full of beautiful and one of a kind art pieces.  Please visit us and browse the gallery.  Thanks, Sharon Bibbee, Gallery Coordinator 

P. S .  Phots are from Jay Levey,  Kathy Kelsheimer, John Phelps, and Krista Ross.

Get Involved

We encourage any artist to consider contributing their artistic expression - and maybe even finding a home at Riverbend. If you are interested in learning more about one of our many artistic serving and involvement opportunities, please click on the button below. While it may seem intimidating at first, we trust God to take care of all of that worrying stuff and allow us to partner in a way that brings about things we never could have imagined ourselves. That is the beauty and power of collaboration and partnership!


  • Choir Members - Come join 100 other volunteer choir members who sing on Sunday mornings for the 9:45 Celebration service, and for special events. Rehearsals are usually on Wednesday nights at 7:00.

  • Photographers - Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, we could use you to help us photograph many of the different events that go on at Riverbend each week.

  • Sunday Morning Tech - From running the graphics/media systems to running cameras during services, we are always looking for people to help with Sunday morning tech.

  • Graphic Design - For the student to gain "hands on" experience in creative arts, graphic design, and communication departments in a church setting. 

  • TV Broadcast and Production - For the student to gain "hands on" experience in TV Production, IMAG and Broadcast ministry

  • Creative Arts and Music - For the student to gain "hands on" experience in church creative arts/music ministry

“A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God,… as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art work can be a doxology in itself.” 

— Francis A. SchaefferArt & the Bible