We are so excited that you are showing an interest in participating in Child dedication or the Baptism process here at Riverbend Church.

We recommend that children from birth to 1st grade go through the child dedication process and children from 2nd grade and older participate in baptism. Riverbend Church practices “Believer baptism” (where an individual can articulate a need for Jesus and publicly acknowledges his decision to follow Him) 

We are often asked what the difference is between Dedicating and Baptizing your child?

It really comes down to tradition and personal preference. Some families come from traditions where infant baptism is part of their heritage, while others do not. There is a long tradition in some Christian denominations of baptizing infants. This practice comes from the belief that Baptism replaced circumcision as the mark of the covenant between God and his people. In the Old Testament, boys were circumcised to picture the covenant God had made. In the New Testament, Baptism was the sign of the new covenant God had made through the death of Jesus.

Other traditions within the Christian faith have chosen to dedicate infants for concern that an infant baptism may be confused with a "believer’s baptism" (where an individual publicly acknowledges his decision to follow Jesus). Some parents would prefer that children are only baptized once, after they have made a personal decision to follow Jesus.

In conclusion, regardless of whether a child is baptized or dedicated, they will still have to personally choose to follow Jesus when they are older. Infant Baptism or Dedication does not affect a child’s salvation; it is a commitment that parents make to God, declaring that they will do their best to raise their child to love and follow Him.

The children’s ministry offers the Christ Awareness program around Easter every year and we do offer baptism as a part of that program. Riverbend church also offers “all church baptism” a few times a year and Dr. Haney offers a class prior to the big day.

Child dedication is offered 3-4 times a year and you can register your family by clicking the button below. This will place you on the contact list for child dedication and you will be notified when new dates are available.

For any further questions, please contact:
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