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Welcome to Riverbend

We understand that visiting a church can be awkward and intimidating, but Riverbend was created for people who are intimidated by church. We invite you to give us a try! Feel free to take your time, look around and get to know us. We hope to see you soon!


We have a very active senior adult ministry. We have seven different Community Groups that meet on Sunday mornings at either 8:30, 9:45 or 11:00AM in the Quads. We also have a big group that meets on Tuesdays in Quad 3 for morning through lunch for a time of study, fellowship and games. Each month we usually go on an exciting trip together. We love getting together with each other and finding ways to enjoy life and to grow spiritually together.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Senior Adults groups at Riverbend beyond what you see here on the site, please complete contact Pastor Dean Busboom, and he'll be happy to connect with you!  Click HERE to download Pastor Dean's Spring/Summer Newsletter.

Pastor Dean Busboom's Suggested Reading: Alzheimer's, Life Purpose, and "Mattering"  by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., PCSG
Also by Richard P. Johnson: Well, Wise, & Whole, Are You Getting What You Hope For From Your Retirement


This class conducts an ongoing dialogue on faith and Christian convictions in contemporary life. Using in-depth Bible study and discussion, the group seeks to apply Biblical truth practically in relationships and community life.

Leader: Ralph Smucker
Gathers: Sunday at 8:30AM in Building 5A


This community of believers enjoys studying God's word together, sharing times of fellowship and pursuing opportunities for ministry and service together. Meetings include Bible study and open discussion, along with time for sharing personal concerns and joys.

Leader: Tom & Glenda Rhyne & Gary & Mel Gentry
Gathers: Sunday at 8:45AM in Quad 1B
Current Study: This class has weekly lessons from Smyth & Helwys Curriculum


Verity: the quality or state of being true or real, serves as the overarching focus for this discussion group. Participants engage in a variety of challenging topics from a scripture-based perspective and they seek truth and meaning to apply in daily life.

Leader: Dr. Terry Eska.
Gathers: Sunday at 9:45AM in Quad 2B&C
Current Study: This class has weekly lessons from Smyth & Helwys curriculum


Meet with Senior Adults, both couples and singles each Tuesday morning for Bible Study followed by lunch and games. Several times throughout the year this group makes fun social outings and attends exciting events as a community. 

Current Study: Study of the History of the Christian Church
Leader: Pastor Dean Busboom
Gathers: Tuesday at 10:45AM in Quad 3


Open Doors to Agelessness

Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D.

The Christian psychologist Karl Jung once said that "Attitude is the mind's paintbrush, it can color any situation." Certainly our attitude toward maturation (aging) colors our later lifespan.  Human and spiritual growth can be likened to a process of opening new doors, while closing others.  To confidently open the doors to healthy life in our maturing years we need to gently close other doors on our previous life stage.    These doors lead to attitudes in our own mind.  But which doors need opening and which ones need closing? Doors that say: Being young is good and being older is not, need to be closed.  Doors that say things like:  Older people are irritable, or cranky, or slow, or forgetful, all need to be closed.  Doors that say, Maturation brings new and deeper life in the Spirit; doors that say,  Aging is part of God's "Good News because it enhances our spiritual character; doors that say:  Maturation is a classroom of life that brings deepened wisdom, patience, acceptance, peace, harmony, trust, truth, gratitude, vision, inspiration, and humility, are doors that need to be opened. Maturation, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.  How we see aging greatly influences our maturation in all arenas of life, and especially as a believer.  Aging is a vital, growth-filled, and even power-packed part of God's eternal plan for our salvation; we cannot shrink from it, we must embrace it with gusto. In our maturing years we're called to modify our attitudes about a lot of things, but the most basic attitudinal modification of healthy maturation is the realization that aging is a gift of new life, a chance to see ourselves from a new and heightened perspective: fuller, kinder, and deeper.  Jesus told us: I make all things new.   And so it is that aging is one of the tools Jesus gives us to make us new!