WE CONNECT:  Building Community

Our goal is to provide approximately $2.2 million to increase our ability to build community at Riverbend, creating opportunity for hundreds more Riverbenders to connect in community, grow deeper in their faith, and be mobilized to serve our city and across borders.  All of this helps create a stronger home base that makes our outreach efforts more sustainable over the long run.  Considerations include:

  •  A major renovation of the Fellowship Hall that will enable it to still host large events, but also have the flexibility to divide into multiple meeting spaces for medium size groups, complete with video/audio capability.  This will provide us with dramatically better quality as well as quantity of meeting spaces for adult ministries and events.
  •  An enlarged gathering space in the Fellowship Hall, for use in between services and community groups, for people to share coffee and conversations, fostering relationships and community.
  •  A newly renovated kitchen, designed to be used by multiple groups simultaneously, and able to service multiple events at the same time, including serving our expanding MLF ministry and other outreach ministries requiring food prep.
  •  A facelift for the Quads, similar to what was done for Building 5, cleaning, painting, restoring, re-carpeting, adding closets, and enhanced Internet connectivity and audio/video systems.  This will provide higher quality meeting space for groups from both inside and outside the church. 
  •  A new database system, to enable Riverbend to better keep track of our congregation and who’s involved in what activities.  This will help us to get more people involved in outreach, monitor our progress, help with our targeted communications, and will help foster community. 
  •  Other support enhancements such as replacement golf carts, doors, and a build-up of our reserve fund in order to continue to fund facility maintenance for all of our buildings.

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