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Pamela Christensen
Pastor of Stewardship

WE CARE:  Missions & Outreach

Our goal is to provide $1.5 million of seed money, to be spent over the next 3-5 years in developing the infrastructure to expand our spiritual influence across the city, including: 

  • Seed money to launch Riverbend’s first NDC (Neighborhood Development Center)

A multi-use facility located in a neighborhood to be determined that will provide goods and services needed by the neighborhood.  It can also be used as a community center, and even a church plant.

  •  Seed money to expand our influence and impact in working with community leaders & pastors in cross-cultural communities such as:

o   The Nuevo Amanecer Church and Community Center in Rundberg.

o   The Travis Heights Christian Outreach Church, food pantry, and community center in South Austin along Ben White Blvd.

o   Serving the formerly homeless at the Community First! Village in east Austin, building relationships, building micro-houses, & more.

o   Continued funding for the Sparrow House for women coming out of prison or off the streets in the Rundberg area. 


  •  Seed money for short term mission trips to third world countries outside of El Salvador, as we look to establish other long-term relationships with communities and churches in need across our borders. 

We love our ministry in El Salvador, and that will continue to grow, but we feel there are other areas of the world that Riverbend can help to impact for Christ.

  • Seed money to help build up our staff infrastructure to help in several fronts:

o   Additional ministry leadership support in missions & outreach

o   Additional support and resources for our spiritual formation strategy in helping take our congregation deeper in their faith, equipping them to support our enhanced missions and outreach efforts.

o   Additional strategic leadership in communications to better inform about and promote our outreach efforts.

o   Specialty focused ministry development, such as faith-in-the-workplace initiatives, local neighborhood initiatives, and other needs based initiatives developed to help us express grace beyond the walls of our campus.