The Riverbend Church Foundation exists to mobilize generous visionaries that will establish a legacy of stewardship and support for the continued mission of Riverbend Church for generations to come.



At Riverbend, we’re in the business of changing lives. We work hard as a church — both our staff and our attenders — to be a place where anyone can come experience the grace of God and explore their faith in a safe environment. This has been our mission for nearly 40 years, and every week we hear stories about how lives are being transformed by the ministries of Riverbend.

You have the unique opportunity to become a significant part of Riverbend’s mission starting now, and for generations to come. By making a contribution to the Riverbend Foundation, the continued ministries of our church become a part of your legacy: a blessing that can affect significant change in the lives of Riverbenders, the city of Austin, and nations around the world.


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Your contribution will be joined by the gifts of other Riverbend Church Foundation donors to establish an endowment for Riverbend Church. The principal is never touched by the Foundation or the Church. Each year, the yield from the endowment will be used to help fund the ministry efforts of Riverbend.

From investing in our children’s programs, to empowering and resourcing our Neighborhood Development Centers, your contribution will play a vital role in furthering the vision of Riverbend.


For example, with a 5 million dollar endowment, assuming a 5% annual yield, the Foundation could provide $250,000 in annual funds for ministries at Riverbend!


To establish the endowment we’ve partnered with The National Christian Foundation* in order to have access to their world-class expertise in tax- advantaged charitable giving. Since 1982, they have supported 63,000 charities and churches, and are the single largest Christian grantmaker in the world. There is no charge for consultation with one of their experts.

The Riverbend Church Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization with a Board of Directors managing the Corporation separate from Riverbend Church.


Are you ready to build a legacy that lasts for generations?

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For questions or more info, contact Norm Schoenfeld:

Phone: 512 215-3054
Email: nschoenfeld@riverbend.com