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Senior Adults: 2019 Spring Event


“A Tribute to Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin”

MAY 18 | 4:00PM | Rockbox Theater (Fredericksburg)

We will leave from the Quads at 12:00PM so that you will have time to eat, shop, visit museums and other places of interest before the show begins. We will return home immediately after the show, around 8:00PM.

As Frank Sinatra, Robbie Howard stands apart from all other impersonators, capturing the essence of Sinatra. He works the audience with the same charisma as Ol’ Blue Eyes himself. He has the singing voice, the comedy, the wit and the smile. As Dean Martin, Andy DiMino is an uncanny total embodiment of Martin. He has the smooth vocals, the dashing charm and the demeanor. DiMino looks and sounds like Martin. Together, Howard and DiMino capture the classic sound, look, artistry and hilarious hi-jinks that will leave you spellbound with memories, tingling with goosebumps and bursting with laughter.

Contact Dean and provide name(s) and your check in order to reserve your spot.

Meet: Leave from the Quads at 12:00PM
The cost of the show and motor coach will be $90. If you drive the cost is $47 for the ticket.
Deadline: APR 15

For more info and reservations contact, Dean Busboom | 512 659-0705

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