Come, You Are Invited

Come, You Are Invited

Come, You Are Invited.

We believe that a life of faith begins with a grand invitation to join what God is doing.  In the Bible, this big invite is called “The Gospel.”  It literally means “good news,” because what Christ was up to was to give us a brand new start.  This new start was a second chance at doing life, and it is the do-over of all do-overs!  What God invites us into is to begin our lives with Him again.

Be Startled And Awakened To A New Way Of Living.

It’s an invitation so good that it is meant to both startle us and captivate us at the same time

It is supposed to startle us because it challenges us about our past - that our lives were out of alignment with God’s purposes.

But it is also an invitation that is meant to capture our hearts and imagination for something more. This invitation into a relationship with Jesus is designed to awaken us to something better than what we can create on our own.  God’s invitation to join him is designed to awaken us to a life that is grounded in God’s divine embrace that transforms our living and our leading. 

You’re Invited, No Matter Your History.

And because of the transformational nature of this invitation, we want to pass the invitation along to you.  If you have been bruised by others, battered by life’s harsh circumstances, broken by the weight of guilt, or bored with this world’s shallow purposes, then by all means come!  God’s invitation to come transforms everyone, but you have to first say, “yes” to his invitation.

So if you want to jump start your spiritual growth with the help of others, all you have to do is show up to a community group.  Together, we can help each other get in on what God is doing in our lives.