Road Map: Finding Your Spiritual Direction

This week we finished up our series on Road Map: Finding Your Spiritual Direction.  We have been finding our spiritual direction by grounding ourselves in three words: Come, Grow, and Go.  This week we focused on learning how to Go.

Here’s The Road Map in a Nutshell:

  1. COME: First, your journey of faith starts with a radical invitation into a relationship with Jesus.
  2. GROW: That relationship is meant to grow, so if you are going to go from where you are to where God wants you to be, you have to Make Room For God in your life.
  3. GO: Finally, God’s love for you was never meant to be self-contained.  We were designed to go out into the world and invite people to begin a relationship with Jesus.

The problem is that most of us don’t like the last word.  If we are honest, we want to push back against it.  We want to define what it means to “Go” on our own terms.  However, if we are going to find our spiritual direction, we are going to have to learn what it means to Go into the world.  Our relationship with Jesus is a continuous journey “other-ward.”  The more we grow in our relationship with Jesus, the more we are drawn to get in on his work of loving people.  We can argue technique and strategies of being God’s witnesses till the cows come home, and chances are you have had those conversations.  Yet, what gets us finding our way again is not in being right about “how” we go, but it all comes down to “why” we go.  We go out into the world to share the hope we have in Jesus because we are captivated by love.  Jesus’ love for us overwhelms us, and we can’t help but want to love others.  When we love others, we are never lost.  We always know where we are when we love.

If you need help to get Going: 

  1. Read: Mark 6:30-44.
  2. Reflect: Where do you stop short of loving people?  The disciples had compassion on the people, and told Jesus to send them away.  However, Jesus told them to keep going in their love.  Feed them!  That brought about a crisis in their life.  How can we do feed all these people?  For many of us, the call to go into the world and be a witness for Jesus is a crisis.  We can have compassion on people up to a point, but then we send people away.  Yet Jesus asks us to keep going in our love for people.   When do you stop short of loving people?  Is it when you don’t think you have enough to give?  Is it when you don’t know what others will think of you?  Is when you think you might be rejected?  Is it when with a friend that you have never spoken to about spiritual matters?  It is important to identify where you stop short of loving people.  When you zero in on where you stop short of loving others, you can pray and ask Jesus to give you the courage to release his love for others.
  3. Pray: Where does God want you to demonstrate his love to people outside the church?  Jesus was very specific in his request to the disciples.  “Feed this crowd,” he told them.  Who is Jesus asking you to feed?  Who are the people in your life that Jesus is calling you to go out and release his love for them?  Praying ahead of time for the people Jesus is calling us to love prepares us and opens us for the opportunity release his love into their lives.

If you ever want to talk further about how to go (or come or grow) just shoot me an email.  I love helping people find their spiritual direction.

Grace & Peace,

Scott Vermillion

Adult Ministry Pastor for Riverbend Church