Come. You're Invited.

A life of faith begins with a grand invitation to join in on what Jesus is doing.  

In the Bible, this big invite is called “The Gospel.”  It literally is “good news,” because what Jesus was up to was to give us a brand new start.  A second chance at life.  A do-over beyond all do-overs!  He was inviting us to begin our lives with God again.

It’s an invitation so good that it is meant to both startle us and captivate us at the same time.  It is supposed to startle us because it convicts us of our past.  

Jesus’ invitation to join him comes with it the searing hot guilt of having dismissed God’s agenda for our lives in order to set out on our own.  Yet Jesus’ invitation is also captivating.  In Jesus’ invitation for us to join him, he does not shake a wagging finger of condemnation at us.  Instead, he invites us to join him with the passion and joy a lover has for his for his beloved.  The invitation is so beautiful and attractive because it is so full of grace.

Therefore, the invitation to join in on what Jesus is doing is meant to shock us out of our status quo, shake off the cob webs of our faith, and awaken us to the reality of God’s passionate love for us.

And because of the transformational nature of this invitation, we want to pass the invitation along to you.  If you have been bruised by others, battered by life’s harsh circumstances, broken by the weight of guilt, or bored with this world’s purposes, then by all means COME!  Come and get in on what Jesus is doing…and watch him transform your life with his grace.

All you have to do is show up to get in on what Jesus is doing in your life.