Serve Locally and Globally

Serve Locally and Globally

God’s Heart Is To Pursue People Far From Him.

The Bible reveals the story of our Heavenly Father who pursues his creation who rebelled against him.  You would think that our rebellion would thwart his love for us, but it doesn’t.  Instead, the Bible reveals a God who pursues us rebels relentlessly in order to win our hearts again.  He gave us families and communities to find our belonging in him.  He gave us a nation in which we could experience his justice.  He gave us warnings so we could turn from danger.  He gave us exile to awaken us to his goodness again.  Yet, the fact that he gave us his son was a step no one expected.  He gave us his son to be a sacrifice for us to show us the full extent of his love for us.  Paul reveals God’s pursuing heart for us in Rom. 5:8, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

God’s Enlists His Community In His Pursuing Work.

God’s heart for those far from him is so dominant, that he wants to include us in his work.  Those who say, “yes,” to following Jesus are not mean to be bench warmers.  God uses his people to pursue those who are far from him today.  Those who have a story to tell of his grace, are to tell it.  Those with gifts are to use them to demonstrate God’s grace.  Those who have resources are to use them to reveal God’s generosity.  When we come together we quickly find that as a community, we all have a bit of God’s grace to give away to those who need it. 

As Community Groups, We Find Our Purpose When We Pursue Those God Is Pursuing.

Our community groups are not designed to be cul-de-sacs where all we are concerned about is ourselves.  Rather our communities are designed with the purpose of engaging God’s pursuing work.   Therefore, Community Groups look for ways to get in on God’s pursuit of others by serving people in Austin and the world beyond.  Not only do we partner with our local and overseas mission, we also look for ways to serve our nearest neighbors in the home, neighborhood and workplace.  By serving others, we find practical ways to reveal God’s personal grace with those who never thought God wanted anything to do with them.