We Are Better Together

We Are Better Together

We Believe That We Are Better Together.

Community was not our idea, it was God’s idea.  From the very beginning, God told Adam that it was not good for him to be alone (Gen. 2:8).  We were created “male and female,” and designed to reflect his image to one another. 

However, It Doesn’t Always Feel Good To Be Together.

Because of our propensity to live life reflecting our own image instead of Gods, we have brought pain and violence into our relationships with others.  Instead of reflecting the grace, love and compassion of God to one another, we more often reflect a distortion of God’s image to one another.

As A Result, We Tend To Hold Community At Arms Length.

Because of the pain we have experienced from our relationships with others, we have become suspicious of each other.  Instead of embracing each other, we look for chinks in each other’s armor and we judge people for their faults.  It’s a way of rationalizing our belief in keeping people at a distance.

However, Jesus Uses Our Imperfect Relationships To Transform Us.

He uses our relationships with others to communicate his grace, his love, and his compassion for us in the most intimate of ways.  He uses others to challenge our thinking that is counter to his purposes.  He uses others to give us courage to take our next step of faith.  Jesus uses others to give us opportunity to use our gifts for the encouragement of others.  We don’t do this perfectly, but our imperfect relationships with us help us to depend less on ourselves and more on God who is perfecting us daily through his community.

So Though We Live In An Imperfect Community, God Still Uses It To Make Us Better.

Take a risk to meet someone new…someone who isn’t like you, but who desires life change like you.  Our experience is that God uses our relationships with each other to help us reflect his image more clearly.