WE CREATE:  The Arts


The goal is to provide approximately $1.2 million to enhance the Home for Hope, a beautiful building that after 18 years is in need to improvements.  Most of us remodel our homes every 15 years or so.  By remodeling our Home for Hope, we would like to re-establish it as one of the premier arts venues in the city, enabling us to increase the number of people we attract from all across the city for concerts and other large events, as it provides a potential side-door entrance to our church to tens of thousands of people per year who wouldn’t otherwise step foot in a church.  Also, as we continue to be effective at attracting new people to join Riverbend, as mentioned above we will be able to create a stronger home base that makes our outreach efforts more sustainable over the long run.  Considerations include:

  • Stage expansion and refinishing, enabling a wider variety of artistic events to take place at our facility. 
  •  Enhanced video, lighting, and audio capability – we’re currently looking at a variety of options to create dramatically better presentations on stage based on latest technology, as well as sound enhancement, vs. the dated technology currently in place.  This will allow us to better attract the newer generations for whom visual communication is so important. 
  •  Individual, comfortable seating that replaces the uncomfortable bench-style seating, as well as refinished and sealed cement floors.  We are trying to reach people who did not grow up in church and are more used to the experience of sitting in a movie theatre than a church sanctuary. 
  • Creating a recording studio, to be located backstage near the television studios.  This will enable us to reach out to Austin musicians as well as create our own recordings that can be used to connect with people all over Austin and the world. 
  • Other facility repairs and updates would include: replacement carpeting throughout the facility, bathroom remodeling/refreshing, and repairing leaking towers, walls, and painting where needed.  New people so often see things that we have stopped noticing.