The Sparrow House is a spiritual discipleship home for struggling women.  It is for women who’ve come out of jail, or homeless women coming off the street, and or women coming out of abusive relationships, all in need of hope and change.

Due to the generosity of some individuals from Riverbend and from NACC, a home for women has been recently purchased.  It comprises 2100 square feet, five bedrooms, two dining areas, and a large fenced in back yard, designed to sleep upwards of nine women currently.  It is owned and operated by North Austin Christian Church, located in the Rundberg area of Austin, and supported by Riverbend Church of Austin. 

Trusting that Jesus Christ provides the answer to all of life’s issues, when women enter the home, they spend the first three-six months detoxing from any addictions they may have, learning about who Christ is, and spending time in the Word of God, learning about alternative ways to live their lives and make decisions.  As the Holy Spirit works in them, and they begin to turn their lives over to Christ, they begin to understand a greater purpose to their lives than they’ve known to date.  They do not work vocationally, they do not pay anything, they are simply there to discover who Christ is and what that can mean for their lives.

As they learn to surrender to Christ, and become responsible with household chores, and active at North Austin Christian Church, they are then allowed visiting privileges from family, and eventually NACC will help them find a job.  Once working they provide NACC 30% of their wages for room and board, and can stay at the home for 1-2 years.

There are currently two women who serve as “house moms” and live at the Sparrow House. They are responsible for overseeing the women.  However the women of Sparrow House are in need of other women who are willing to “invest” in them relationally and spiritually.   Volunteers who are willing to come at regular times during the week, spend time getting to know the women, loving them as Christ does (with no expectation of return), and helping them learn that they are daughters of the King and as such loved by Him and created for a greater purpose than they may have discovered in their lives to date. 

The women at Sparrow House are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the house and grounds, so you can join in with them to clean, do laundry, mow the lawn, or whatever chores are needed.  Please note that you are not to do it for them, but WITH them, as part of building relationships and establishing trust.

Financial Needs:

• $40,000 to pay off the balance of the cost of the house
• $40,000 in first year projected operating expenses

You can contribute financially to this ministry by designating "Sparrow House" in your memo. 

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