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December 28, 2009 - Riverbend Neighborhood Development Centers was formed as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation for the purpose of expanding employment opportunities of low and moderate income residents within the Greater Austin area. It intends to achieve this by creating Neighborhood Development Centers throughout the Greater Austin Area. These Centers will expand the employment opportunities of low and moderate income residents by providing products and services not presently available in the Neighborhood. The Centers shall also make the facility available to the residents of the neighborhood for multi-purpose uses.

The Centers will add value to the Neighborhood by employing a community-based economic model that redefines the relationship between for profit and nonprofit organizations, community and business, and secular and faith-based organizations, by bringing together nontraditional resource, an equitable mix of public and private resources that will provide a collaborative solution to existing socio-economic problems. Through related activities, the Corporation shall also seek to preserve the character of the neighborhood, and engage in community projects for the benefit of the neighborhood.

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