Sundays @ 11:00AM | Quad 4A/B
For anyone

This study group enhances their spiritual journey through in-depth Bible study and Christian writings.

Current Study: A Journey to Hope


God created us to be in a relationship is fundamental to the Christian faith. The relationship that Abraham and Sarah formed with God stands out as unique for two reasons: beginning in Genesis 12, God called them to follow, and they listened; therefore, they did not just hear God, but they also followed and obeyed God. In their quest of their relationship with God, God’s very being and personality are captured. Their relationship was not one of equals, but it was a relationship of trust and care.

The documentation of their own difficult yet blessed journey helps us understand that relationships are journeys that may be arduous but rewarding. We can thank Abraham and Sarah for having the faith, courage, and stamina to keep seeking God, who had plans for them and has plans for us.

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