Why Give?

You care about the mission of Riverbend Church

You hope for Sustainability of Riverbend Church into the Future

You have the ability to give to Riverbend Church


to Riverbend Church

  • Principal Objective is the acceptance of donations to establish permanent endowment funds to further the mission of Riverbend Church.
  • A vibrant and well-funded foundation will fund longer-term initiatives.
  • The foundation will, in time, provide a more stable and predictable level of income, providing a “buffer” against economic downturns.
  • Specific endowed funds will provide a permanent level of income.

to Donors

  • Provides a vehicle for flexible charitable giving.
  • Allows Donors to return the bounty of their life’s blessings through gifts beyond the scope of tithes and offerings:
    –Charitable Trusts
    –Testamentary Bequests
    –Assignment of Financial Instruments and Insurance Contracts
    –Transfers of Real Property
  • Allows donors to specifically target their gifts as desired
  • Allows donors to establish a legacy by creating a named endowment in an area of their passion
  • Donors will have a high degree of confidence that their endowed gifts will be used as they specified, in perpetuity

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