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Welcome to Riverbend

We understand that visiting a church can be awkward and intimidating, but Riverbend was created for people who are intimidated by church. We invite you to give us a try! Feel free to take your time, look around and get to know us. We hope to see you soon!

Financial Ministry

God wants us to have financial peace freedom whether in crisis, great abundance or somewhere in between. Our Financial Ministry strives to help you by providing financial education opportunities, one-on-one counsel, key resources, and engaging you in discussions about estate planning and giving.

The Bible is clear that we are stewards; we are managing everything for the owner, God.  Riverbend’s Financial Ministry goal is to help you discover and follow God’s wisdom regarding personal finances in such a way that it transforms personal financial behaviors, fosters more fruitful lives and leads us to exist not just for ourselves but for Christ and the world. The desired outcome will be a closer relationship with Christ, freedom from debt and consumerism, healthier relationships and the joy of generous living.


Throughout the year, we offer various classes / seminars including:
* PocketWatch – Financial Fitness Classes
* GamePlan – Estate Planning Seminar
* Unlocking Social Security – Taking the Mystery out of Social Security


Sessions with a trained financial coach are available to give direction to members or regular attendees. One-on-one coaching provides an opportunity to receive personal and confidential guidance. Sessions are in a grace-filled environment whether you are in a crisis, reducing financial stress or desiring godly financial management skills.


If God has blessed you with abundance, we would like to help you steward that well.  Please contact us to discuss charitable planning alternatives and special ways to give.


We have several Financial Ministry leadership opportunities: administrative, financial coaching, class facilitators and Bible study leaders.

If you would like to learn how to be a leader in the Financial Ministry, please contact us. For more information about the Financial Ministry, please contact