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Welcome to Riverbend

We understand that visiting a church can be awkward and intimidating, but Riverbend was created for people who are intimidated by church. We invite you to give us a try! Feel free to take your time, look around and get to know us. We hope to see you soon!

El Salvador Sponsorships

With God’s help, Riverbend has formed a wonderful relationship with Siloe Church and primary school in El Salvador.

Riverbend members and friends have begun the tradition of providing tuition expenses to many of the graduating students who have no option of continuing their education into high school except the public school system. They are not guaranteed a place in the public school. All the students consider this as a less than desirable option because the public schools are filled with gang activity and are recruiting grounds for their members.  

Riverbend’s sponsorship gives the students an opportunity to attend a private, Christian high school near the Colonia. This sponsorship opportunity offers  those who participate a lesson in the value of relationship. These children are part of OUR ministry. Each time a team from Riverbend visits El Salvador, the continuance of our commitment rings true in each of their hearts. 

You can sponsor a student now. Click here.

Below are videos of some of the sponsored kids.



This is one of the College students who is being sponsored.


These kids are just of few of those who need sponsors:



There are Two options for sponsoring Students...

  • The preferred option is an annual sponsorship for one student 

  • which is only $468 or $39 per month.

The second option is to make a one time donation in any amount

One can contribute Online HERE and designate "El Salvador High School Sponsorship" or write a check to Riverbend with that in the memo. 

If you are interested in Sponsoring a student who is going on to college, please email Genelle for details. Tuition and other expesnses is roughly $2500 per year.