Riverbend is more than a collection of great programs. We are first and foremost a diverse community seeking to follow Jesus. We believe that a life of faith in Jesus can’t be fully lived out unless it is lived out in authentic community with others.

Mid-sized groups organized around the following:  


20s - 30s


Anyone 20s-35s

Sundays @ 9:45AM | Quad 4C/D

Couples 20s-30s

Sundays @ 9:45AM | Building 5A


30s - Mid 50s

Adults 30s-40s

Sundays @ 9:45AM | Quad 3A/B

Families 30s-40s

Sundays @ 9:45AM | PVR

Singles 40s-50s

Sundays @ 9:45AM | Quad 1A

Couples 30s-40s with kids

Sundays 9:45AM | Quad 2B/C

Mid 50s - 60s+

Couples Mid 50s+

Sundays @ 8:30AM | Plaza View Room

Anyone Mid 50s+

Sundays @ 11:00AM | Quad 2B/C


Anyone Mid 50s+

Sundays @ 11:00AM | Plaza View Room

Seniors 60s+

Sundays @ 8:45AM | Quad 1B

Seniors 60s+

Sundays @ 9:45AM | Quad 2A

Seniors 60s+

Tuesdays @ 10:45AM | Quad 3

Interest Groups For All Ages


Sundays @ 11:00AM | Quad 3C/D 


Sundays @ 9:45AM | Quad 3C/D


Sundays @ 11:00AM | Quad 4A/B



Various Times & Location Gatherings


Local & Global Opportunities


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