Outdoor Adventure Group

Active outdoors, actively living out the Word of God.

Bible Doings: Actively doing what Christ did as He walked this earth. [whether snow, sand, trails, backyards, pedals, boards, streets] our footprints have been given to us with the deepest, rooted foundation. Connection is waiting.

RA Heart

The conversation begins with you and your heart. What are you hungry for? 

The outdoors feel limitless: there are no walls. Why not gather in such a place and let God, who is bigger than it all, show up radically? Are you ready to risk - intentionally?

The endeavor to go about understanding one another is to know where one another is. Let us actually do life together.

RA Foundation

For those of us who seek deeper relationships, do we really know what that means or how to get there? God reveals Himself by His characteristics brought out in all of us. He is defined as Love, but we don't really understand that at first glance. Let's process that together and explore how to understand Eternity through His tangible example of His son, Jesus Christ.

We follow the examples of Christ as He "dined with sinners", to help us to step out of our comfort zone. And as we examine Paul's ways of reaching others by getting to know the culture and language of those we minister to, we were provided a way for the Holy Spirit to use us as vessels and even be changed by Him in the process.

RA Build

We want to create an environment in group form that is safe for each other to become vulnerable, transparent, and honest with who they are and the things that they [hopefully] deal with in life.

The invitation to seek out the desire ingrained within ourselves can be quite difficult to understand or do. We need a picture of what that actually looks like. An experience off paper. As we create experiences with each other that involve being in the outdoors, leaders will rise as trust takes form.


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